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We purchase life saving medical equipment for Neonatal Units and Paediatrics Wards in public hospitals.

If your hospital or health service centre is in need of medical equipment you may be eligible to submit an application for support.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation has been providing support for children’s health services since 1996. Humpty was originally founded to support children’s services at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Due to the overwhelming corporate and community assistance Humpty has widened its reach to support over 360 hospitals and health service centres throughout Australia.

SUBMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN - APPLY NOW. If you have any questions regarding the new online request process, please contact us directly.


Eligibility for Equipment Donation

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a non-profit organisation that supports the following areas within public facilities; the Paediatric, Emergency Paediatric, Neonatal Care, Postnatal departments and Children’s wards.

Eligibility criteria for consideration of a donation are as follows:

  1. The service provided is only for children. Includes items such as specific medical equipment and items to improve the healing environment in medical settings.
  2. Other funding sources have been explored without success.
  3. The Hospital or Health Care Facility is prepared to allow Humpty access to donated equipment & services for the purposes of Donor tours, public relations and media exposure, including photos of plaqued equipment.
  4. The Hospital or Health Care Facility is prepared to affix Humpty Dumpty Foundation recognition to items donated.

Proposals for co-funding of major projects with other local sources will also be favourably considered.

I need equipment – How can I apply?

All requests need to be submitted to Humpty through the completion of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation Funding Application Form. A form must be completed for each piece of equipment required. In order for your request to be considered by Humpty’s Medical Sub Committee you must ensure you have submitted the following for each request:

  • A JPEG image (not pdf) of the medical equipment is attached with your submission.
  • A current quote inclusive of GST (if applicable) – outlining the exact specifications of the equipment requested (quotes must be based on one unit price only – not bulk purchases).
  • All applications must be signed off by a Service Head/Hospital Representative.

Minimum browser requirements are IE 9 and greater, or recent versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. 

Closing dates for Funding Application Forms are strictly 1 February, 1 June and 1 September each year. Please note – each request needs to be submitted on a new Funding Application Form. 
Please call us on 02 9419 2410 should you have any questions surrounding the application process.

The Approval Process

All applications are checked to ensure all fields and attachments (jpeg & quote) are completed in full prior to being submitted to our Medical Sub Committee for review. Forms that are incomplete will not be submitted.

Humpty’s Medical Sub Committee consists of representatives from the Department of Health, Senior Medical Specialists and an ex-government official. The Committee’s role is to rigorously assess and evaluate all requests against Humpty’s Wish List Approval Guidelines.

Next Steps if Approved

Hospitals may check the status of their submissions on-line about the outcome of their request – whether they are declined or approved to appear on Humpty’s Wish List.

If approved, the item will be placed on Humpty’s Wish List that will feature on this website and in Humpty publications. Certain wishes will also be used to create an Event Wish List for events such as our Balmoral Burn and The Great Humpty Ball.

All items approved will remain on Humpty’s Wish List for a period of 12 months. If for some reason your hospital no longer requires the approved equipment you must notify Humpty as soon as possible so the equipment can be removed. Humpty’s Wish List is available for supporters to purchase at Humpty events and also via our website year round. For each item that is sold, Humpty purchases the equipment directly from the medical equipment supplier (as nominated on your Funding Form) and co-ordinates the delivery to the hospital on behalf of the donor.

If/when the equipment is sold Humpty will notify the requesting hospital contact via email of its sale. Humpty will organise a plaque in consultation with the donor to be affixed to the equipment. This plaque is posted to the hospital and must be affixed. It is paramount that the hospital informs Humpty when the equipment has been received and the donor plaque is attached. This is very important for our records and will assist us in the organisation of donor tours and visits to the recipient hospital or health service centre.



Application form accurately filled in (with current quotes and images), submitted to HDF before cut off dates
Application reviewed for completeness and fit to HDF guidelines
Medical Sub Committee meets and reviews all current applications
Applications ranked in order of priority with outside planning help if needed
Medical Sub Committee approves items for Humpty’s Wish List

Wish List made available at HDF events and on website for donors to purchase. If equipment is donated, HDF orders it and arranges delivery according to the details supplied by the hospital on the Funding Application Form


Equipment/Donation received by hospital & commissioned.
Hospital to inform HDF of equipment arrival. HDF orders donor plaque that is sent to the hospital.

Hospital affixes plaque to equipment and notifies HDF via a photo. Upon donor request a hospital visit/tour to be conducted with hospital. Hospital name may be used in HDF promotional activities.