Hannah’s Story

In 2011 Peter and Amber were catering for the Balmoral Burn as they had done for many years, only this year Amber was 24 weeks pregnant with twins.

One week later, at just 25 weeks gestation, things took a turn for the worse. It was discovered the twins had Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a rare condition where one baby takes 80% of the blood flow. “If we did nothing both twins would die”. Amber had no choice but to undergo Laser Surgery. While the surgery saved Hannah’s life, the weaker twin Sophie, was too fragile, and didn’t survive.

Peter remembers walking into the ICU ward at Royal North Shore Hospital…“Seeing Hannah’s little body tucked away beneath all this machinery was scary to say the least. I could feel the weight of the night coming down heavily on my shoulders. At that exact moment I saw the little ‘Humpty Dumpty’ sticker on the humidicrib and the penny dropped… so here is where all the money goes… Thank God for Humpty!!!!!!!

The equipment looked so new and high-tech and was surely going to save my little girl. It truly gave me the hope that I needed for things to work out OK.”

Hannah eventually came home on her due date in a healthy condition. However just three months later it was discovered that she had an extremely rare form of cancer. Chemotherapy and steroid treatment managed to reduce the size of the tumor, saving Hannah’s life once more. 

Hannah’s condition brought about many complications and more hospital visits than any person should ever have to face.

Thanks to our wonderful Doctors and Nurses and all the medical equipment provided by the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, Hannah is now a happy, healthy 6½ year old who stopped taking all medication earlier this year! Her strength and confidence is an inspiration to her parents Amber and Peter.