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Celebrating 27 years of helping kids in hospital.

We make an immediate, tangible difference.

In 2018, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation celebrates 28 years of fundraising, helping save the lives of sick and injured children in hospitals across Australia.

During this time, we have provided medical equipment to over 370 hospitals and health service centres across Australia.

It is vital that Humpty, with your support, continues this work so that we can continue to help put children back together.

Why Do We Exist?

After six years of community fundraising, Humpty was officially established in 1996 by Executive Chairman Paul Francis OAM. The children’s charity had a simple mission – to raise money to purchase vital and often life saving medical equipment for children and babies in hospital.

Today, Humpty still lives to achieve that same, simple mission. Every action we undertake, every event we host, every Wish List item we fulfil is to empower nursing staff to help children get better.

We are Real.

We are Caring.

We are Life Changing.

The Humpty Wish List is what sets us apart. It’s how we really make a difference.

It is through our Wish List that countless pieces of medical equipment have been delivered directly to hospitals to help save lives. Our Wish List makes a true tangible difference and is the vehicle through which we can attain our vision to see ALL metropolitan and remote hospitals throughout Australia with nursing staff empowered to immediately help kids in their greatest time of need.

To date, Humpty has provided medical equipment to Paediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments in over 370 hospitals and health service centres right across Australia and this list continues to grow. Humpty also funds various Special Projects, including Graduate Doctor Training and Nurse Educator Roles, as well as supporting holistic healing environments. Behind the State Government, Humpty is the second largest provider of Medical equipment to children’s health services in NSW.

Making a difference is what we do every day.

We work tirelessly to ensure that sick kids have a fighting chance by equipping hospitals with the best medical equipment and care available. To achieve this, we rely heavily on the generosity of corporate and community donors who involve themselves in Humpty’s fundraising initiatives and events. We call these amazing human beings and organisations our ‘Good Eggs’.

These Good Eggs want to achieve the same thing as us – to ensure Hospitals and Health Service facilities can provide the best care possible.

With more and more hospitals reaching out for Humpty’s help, there is still so much more to do…