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We empower Hospitals and Medical staff to make an immediate, tangible difference to children in life changing situations.

Helping kids in hospital.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a children's charity that, for more than 25 years, has been purchasing essential and often life-saving medical equipment for sick and injured children in Paediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments in hospitals across Australia.

Every one of our supporters makes a difference to a child in need. Every donation is like a single brick - on its own, it cannot build a wall but when it is placed with other bricks, a strong and supportive structure can be built that can be the foundation of community.

Vital equipment and special projects.

Making a difference is what the Humpty Dumpty Foundation does every day. We hear the heart warming stories and heartfelt thanks from across Australia, from the 250+ hospitals we've helped with vital medical equipment.What's different about Humpty? You can see the tangible difference we make. The equipment we donate is specifically requested by the Hospital to help save a child's life.

Ways you can make a difference...
You can make an immediate difference through the Humpty Wish List by donating life saving equipment needed by one of our Hospitals.
Created by Wallaby great Phil Kearns, and, now in its 16th year, the Balmoral Burn sees families, corporations, children and pets take on the 420m race course up Awaba Street in Mosman as they run or walk for Humpty.
Our Wish List provides tangible outcomes. Donors have the opportunity to purchase an item of equipment for the hospital of their choice within a particular price range
The difference we make to sick children and their families is all the reward we need. We invite you to be inspired by their stories.