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Welcome to Humpty Dumpty Foundation

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation raises money to purchase vital children’s medical equipment for over 200 children’s hospitals and health service centres across Australia. It is our aim to ensure every child has a fighting chance to the best possible medical equipment and care. Find out more on the about Humpty Dumpty Foundation page.

All about Humpty from Humpty Dumpty Foundation on Vimeo.

Humpty's Latest News

  • We hope you enjoy reading the latest edition of The Good Egg. This edition includes a variety of uplifting and emotive stories written by some of Australia's leading journalists who have very generously donated their time to make this edition of the Good Egg possible. If you would like a hard copy of the Good Egg, please contact the...
  • Book your tickets now to attend Humpty's flagship event. The Great Humpty Ball is on Saturday 15th November at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.Click here for more details ....